Reapportionment Commission

The Reapportionment Commission reviews Ward boundaries within the City of Albany for appropriate equity and representation in relation to demographic changes per the Federal Decennial Census.  The Reapportionment Commission is established every ten years to review for compliance.

2010 Census Commission Members
The Reapportionment Commission is selected and appointed by the Common Council. Qualified appointees are residents of the City. The member's term expires upon submission of a redistricting plan to the Common Council.

Vicente Alfonso, Chair
Joshua L. Oppenheimer, Vice-Chair
James Bouldin
Ross Farrell
Elaine M. Frazier
Kevin Harrington
Joseph F. Stellato
Denia Van Houter

Contact Information

Reapportionment Commission
City Hall
24 Eagle Street
Mayor's Conference Room
Albany, NY 12210

For overview information and upcoming scheduled events visit the Reapportionment webpage.