Reapportionment Commission

The Reapportionment Commission is appointed on a as-needed basis by the Albany Common Council to review the City's Ward boundaries for appropriate representation, per updates from the Federal Decennial Census surveys. When the Commission is in session, they oversee the process to redraft Ward boundaries and to make recommendations to the Common Council. In order to accommodate population changes and demographic shifts reported in current Census surveys, the Commission strives to maximize the legal principle of "one person, one vote, consistent with the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and subsequent case laws.

The Commission also has a responsibility to maximize public participation in the process of redistricting in Albany, and to ensure that the Ward maps best represent protected groups and community of interests within the City. The Commission obtains public input on representation and boundary adjustments through public meetings, hearings and other community outreach. Finalized Ward boundaries are presented to the Common Council for adoption. 

The most recent Reapportionment Commission was appointed in 2011 to review the 2010 Census data.

2011 Census Commission Members
The Reapportionment Commission is selected and appointed by the Common Council. Qualified appointees are residents of the City. The member's term expires upon submission of a redistricting plan to the Common Council.

Vicente Alfonso, Chair
Joshua L. Oppenheimer, Vice-Chair
James Bouldin
Ross Farrell
Elaine M. Frazier
Kevin Harrington
Joseph F. Stellato
Denia Van Houter

Contact Information

Gerald Campbell, City Clerk
City Hall
24 Eagle Street
Albany, NY 12207