Park South Neighborhood

Location, location, location. Everything you can ask for is within comfortable walking distance of this vibrant neighborhood.

Park South overlooks Washington Park’s tree-lined lanes and beautiful lake to the north. Dining, shopping and entertainment make up New Scotland Avenue, the commercial heart of the neighborhood. Lark Street, with its eclectic mix of ethnic restaurants, shops and galleries, is just steps away. Park South also serves as a major gateway from Downtown to neighborhoods such as Pine Hills to the west and New Scotland to the south. A full-service grocery store abuts the neighborhood to the east.

Some of the City’s largest employers are directly adjacent to the neighborhood on its southern border: Albany Medical Center and University Heights, a campus containing Albany Law School, Albany Medical College, the Sage Colleges and Albany College of Pharmacy. Public transportation and the proximity to downtown provide convenient access to countless services, recreation and employment opportunities.

This small and self-contained neighborhood encompasses nine city blocks, approximately 26 acres. Park South has a population of roughly 2,000 with a strong core of homeowners, renters, business proprietors and landlords who have come together in this tight community to work on neighborhood issues.>br/>

Park South Urban Renewal Plan

Despite these overwhelmingly positive attributes, in past years the neighborhood experienced growing problems with quality of life and public safety. Disinvestment began to occur and homeownership levels dropped dramatically. All of these things, positive and problematic, made Park South a focal point for strategic planning.

The Park South Urban Renewal Plan (URP), an aggressive plan managed by the City and created by extensive community meetings involving the input and guidance of all stakeholders, was adopted and ratified by the Common Council in 2006. It was designed to stimulate neighborhood revitalization and improve quality of life in the nine-block area. The URP provides a vision, specific project outlines and a timeline for the renaissance of Park South.

The first stage of the URP was the $12 million historic rehabilitation project on Knox Street. The Knox Street project, undertaken by WinnDevelopment, created the City’s newest historic district with the beautiful rehabilitation of 18 row-homes. The buildings, which once housed 62 sub-standard and outdated units were transformed into 47 spacious and affordable apartments with modern amenities. Construction began in September of 2007 and was completed in 2008.

The next project tackled was the enhancement of commercial opportunities along New Scotland. The first step was a $26 million mixed-use development on the southeast corner of the commercial strip that expanded the amenities and services available to neighborhood residents as well as Albany Medical Center’s 7,000 employees. Phase one of the New Scotland project created about 120,000 square feet of new office and retail space and set the stage for increased commercial and residential investment.

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