Lead Service Replacement Program

The Albany Water Board is committed to help homeowners replace their lead water service lines. Lead is no longer a suitable material for pipes and should be removed completely to mitigate associated health risks.

The Lead Service Replacement Program provides a reimbursement of up to $2,000 to aid in the full replacement of a lead service line. All homeowners with lead service lines are eligible for the grant funds – including owners of small multi-unit properties and those who do not reside in the home. For tenants or homeowners who are not able to complete a replacement at this time, AWD is providing free water filters to any household with a water sample that tests high for lead (above 10 ppb).

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Grant Funding Opportunities:     

  •  $1,000 for 1/2 service replacement (Curb Box to Water Meter or Water Main to Curb Box)
  •  $2,000 for full service replacement (Water Main to Water Meter)

The cost of a full service replacement can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the length of the service line and its location. The $2,000 reimbursement could reduce the total cost by as much as half.

Application Checklist – Service Replacement Funding

  1. Confirm your lead service with AWD staff. You may have already completed this step by submitting your service information online. If you have not, please so do, or you can call 518-434-5300 to schedule an appointment with AWD staff to confirm your water service material.
  1. Collect two quotes for the replacement work from qualified private contractors.
    • Contractors must apply for the applicable permits for the work.
    • If you need a starting place for finding qualified contractors, please review this list.
    • Quotes should include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following costs:
      • Location, excavation, and replacement of lead water line with copper water line.
      • Connection of new water line to the meter in the basement and restoration of the penetration to the building.
      • Restoration of disrupted lawn, sidewalk, curb, and street equal to existing conditions.
      • Applicable permit fees.
  1. Complete the online application. (Also available as a PDF document).
  1. Receive your grant award notice.  Your notice will come via email or mail. The notice is not a check for grant funds. The notice is your notification that your grant application has been received and approved and indicates the funding amount you are eligible to receive in reimbursed funds if the work is completed.
  1. Schedule and complete the work. The Contractor is required to work under a permit through the City of Albany Water Department. Part of the permit requires that the work be inspected by AWD staff. This inspection serves as the verification that the work was completed appropriately in order to receive your grant funding reimbursement. 

City Code Requirement

Current City of Albany Code (Section 371-89.A) requires that a lead or galvanized service be replaced in full with copper pipe rather than spot-repaired or partially replaced to mitigate health and safety concerns.

The LSRP is always evolving to better serve the community and to remain compliant with the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which regulates the actions AWD takes regarding lead lines. Future versions of the LSRP and its requirements and opportunities are not retroactive and do not apply to past applications.