Ryckman Alley Overflow Abatement

Ryckman WetlandIn August 2014 storms in the Capital District dumped 3 inches of rain on the City of Albany. On Ryckman Alley this resulted in several feet of water and combined sewer flooding residents’ homes. After that flooding event Mayor Sheehan and Commissioner Coffey made a pledge to the City to alleviate flooding in this area.

Stormwater runoff is now collected in existing separated storm sewer pipes and conveyed to the new created wetland in Woodlawn Park. Not only will this separation and storage of water reduce flooding, it will reduce the amount of runoff that is collected in combined sewers during combined sewer overflows.

Project Information Sheet

The Ryckman Alley Overflow Abatement and Flood Mitigation Project was completed in June 2017.