American Rescue Plan Funding

Our Opportunity

President Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) into law on March 11, 2021.

ARPA includes $350 billion in direct aid for cities and states to assist with their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, ofALB ALL LOGO_1_RGB which the City of Albany has received $80 million. $25 million of this will now be made available to individuals or organizations, including City of Albany departments, to fund local projects and programs that will support Albany's recovery and future progress.

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The City of Albany is committed to creating a fully transparent and equitable process for all aspects of investing these ARPA funds into our community. Our commitment to transparency begins here.

This website is your source for all the most up-to-date information about how funds are being used, how to apply for funding, and opportunities to ask questions and share feedback.

Whether you want to apply for funding or give feedback on proposals, there will be opportunities throughout the process for your voice to be heard. One way to make your voice heard is to sign up to review proposals. Volunteer using the Connect with Us form below.

Begin Your Application Now

The City of Albany ARPA proposal form is now open! Local individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and city departments are invited to start the funding request process by submitting a proposal.

You may begin and submit your proposal anytime. Proposals that are received by 4:30 p.m. ET on Friday, February 11, 2022 will be reviewed first, and after that, proposals will continue to be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. No proposals will be reviewed before February 11, 2022, so there is no advantage to submitting your proposal earlier. This period of time is meant to make sure all interested parties have an opportunity to get all of their questions answered and put forth the strongest possible proposal, so that everyone has the greatest chance to succeed. Interested parties are also encouraged to form project teams to reduce potential duplication of efforts and increase their impact.

Read Proposal Instructions

Start a Proposal

Start proposal in: English, Spanish, Pashto, Arabic, Sgaw Karen, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

Please note, we request that your proposal be entered in English. However, we want to ensure that everyone in Albany has an opportunity to apply for funding and we recognize that some applicants may prefer to use other languages. Contact our support team to request other accommodations.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to view webinars, attend information session(s), and participate in open office hours. More information will be listed here when it becomes available. 

Our Priorities

We have a unique opportunity to finally level the playing field for members ofARP Funding Grab - Budget Book 2021 underrepresented populations in our city and make a significant and long-lasting difference in their lives. Through smart, focused, and well-planned investments, we have the best chance of reaching and helping the highest number of city residents, and we encourage everyone to help identify potential opportunities for this historic funding. ” – COVID Recovery Task Force Co-Chairs Mike Whalen and Jahkeen Hoke

Our COVID Recovery Task Force gathered input from every corner of our community. Together, you helped determine the following priorities for our recovery:

  • Supporting the Public Health Response - $4,000,000
  • Assistance to Workers and Families – Education, Workforce & Human Services - $7,000,000
  • Assistance to Workers and Families – Housing, Transportation & Community Revitalization - $8,000,000
  • Small Business Support - $3,000,000
  • Travel, Tourism, Hospitality & Arts - $3,000,000

Our COVID Recovery Task Force set eight guiding principles to help the City and applicants for funding make investments in our community. These principles are embedded into every step of the application process and recommendations for funding:

Proposals that directly improve conditions for traditionally disadvantaged, underserved or marginalized populations
Proposals where multiple service providers partner to leverage their resources and increase capacity
Proposals that are able to feasibly complete their objective within the ARP timeline or are able to self-operate beyond the life of the funding
Proposals that will provide meaningful and measurable change in one or (preferably) more priority Impact Area program recommendations
Proposals that maximize resources by bringing additional financial assistance or capacity from external sources
Proposals that take an entrepreneurial or new approach to the priority Impact Area program recommendations
Proposals developed through robust community involvement or designed to enhance communication between the public and service providers
Proposals that provide widespread benefits independently or are designed to be replicable and scalable across sectors or neighborhoods

Our Process

The first step in the application process is to submit a project proposal which will include basic information about your organization’s proposed project and targeted outcomes.

Each submitted project proposal will be reviewed. After review, selected applicants will be chosen to submit a full application for funding, which will require them to provide additional details. After review of full applications, a limited number of applicants will be invited to proceed to participate in an interview about their project. Other applicants will be given the opportunity to refine and resubmit their proposals for future consideration. 

After the conclusion of the interview process, funding decisions will be made.

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Our ARPA Spending

In March of 2021, President Joe Biden signed a major piece of legislation into law – the American Rescue Plan Act, or “ARPA”. Unlike previous COVID recovery bills, ARPA included billions of dollars of financial assistance that would be made available directly to cities like ours to fund our local needs and priorities. Albany received $80.7 million in direct aid. The information below shows how the City of Albany has invested – and plans to invest – those funds to date.

Albany ARPA Spending Table 2 12-30-2021