New Scotland Avenue Infrastructure Project

The City of Albany will be performing infrastructure improvements on New Scotland Avenue as part of our record-breaking $22 million investment in Street Resurfacing and Sidewalk Reconstruction in 2023. 


The boundaries of the project are to include: New Scotland Avenue from South Manning Blvd to O’Neil Road with portions of the each side street included for repair of pavement deterioration at the crossings. 

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  • Final epoxy striping has been completed.  Trees are anticipated to be planted on Tuesday, November 21st. (11.17.23)
  • Milling and Paving Operations have been completed in main roadway.  Paving of remaining Driveway Aprons, Final Epoxy Striping, Punchlist Items, and Project Cleanup are scheduled for the Week of October 23rd through October 27th.  Tree Plantings are scheduled for early-to-mid-November. (10.23.23)
  • Milling operations were completed from Manning Blvd to near Krumkill Road. Night-work milling will resume (from Krumkill Road to O’Neil Road) on the nights of Monday 10/2 and Tuesday 10/3. Night-work paving operations are scheduled for the nights of Tuesday 10/10 through Friday 10/13. Night-work hours are from 630PM to 630AM. Miscellaneous construction operations will still be taking place during the day as needed. (10.2.23)
  • Nightwork milling operations scheduled for the nights of Wed 9/27, Thurs 9/28, Mon 10/2, and Tues 10/3. Nightwork paving operations scheduled for the nights of Tuesday October 10th through Friday October 13th. Nightwork scheduled for 630PM to 630AM.  Miscellaneous construction operations will still be taking place during the day as needed. (9.22.23)
  • Curb and sidewalk work currently in progress. (8.17.23)
  • Milling and paving scheduled to begin at the end of September and will take place on nights and weekends.


The planned work includes the following: 

  • Street milling and street re-paving.
  • Partial curb and sidewalk replacement (where necessary).  
  • Restriping and resigning of the roadway, including bike lanes. 
  • Replacement of existing curb ramps to be ADA compliant and add detectable warning units (where necessary). 
  • Bump outs at the intersections of Euclid Avenue and Buckingham/Lennox Avenue. 
  • A Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) for crossing New Scotland Avenue at Halsdorf Street to Maria College. 
  • Some traffic signal improvements.


Construction is planned to begin in the next two weeks and once commenced should be completed within a 14-16 week period. During construction, City of Albany representatives will be onsite monitoring progress. 

 These improvements may cause temporary inconveniences due to the nature of work, including possible restricted driveway access at isolated locations for approximately two (2) to three (3) days to allow freshly poured concrete sidewalks to properly cure. 

The majority of the construction will occur during daytime hours between 7:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. Due to the amount of traffic and peak hour restrictions during the daytime the contractor will be performing the milling and re-paving of the roadway during nighttime hours between 7:00pm and 5:00am.


Due to the nature of the work being performed, tree(s) will need to be removed in front of 859, 841, 818, 820, 822, 823, 792, 776, 766, 767, 751,743, 738, 719,700, 695, 693, 679, 635 and 634 New Scotland Avenue.

New trees will be planted after the project is complete. Trees are scheduled to be planted in front of 634, 637, 647, 657, 679, 685, 693, 695, 697, 699, 700, 707, 709, 711, 715, 719, 722, 720, 724, 725, 728, 730, 732, 736, 743, 751, 760, 770, 776, 784, 788, 792, 808, 810, 812, 818, 820, 822, 826, 828, 832, 841, 851, 855, 859, 861 and 882 New Scotland Avenue. 

In some instances more than one tree will be removed and replanted in front of each location. For more information on tree removal or re planting please read the tree report for this project prepared by Jay Lavigine, Albany City Arborist.

If you have any questions regarding this street construction project, please feel free to email the Department of General Services or call (518) 427-7480. 

We appreciate everyone's patience during this project and are confident you will be proud of the work once it is complete.