About Albany

The City of Albany, located on the banks of the Hudson River in the heart of the Capital District, is proud to be New York State's Capital City. Albany is a beautiful destination, offering valuable resources for higher education and sustainable living, vibrant and active urban centers and desirable neighborhoods. The City's deep-rooted history and heritage have shaped the City's urban footprint, complimenting its natural setting along the waterfront and its reflection of historic architecture, major institutions, mixed neighborhoods and diversity of residents.

Also known as the anchor of New York's Tech Valley, Albany is conveniently located amid some of the Northeast's largest and most economically promising cities (New York City, Boston and Montreal, to name a few). The collaborative efforts of City staff, residents and key development partners continue to develop programs, diverse financing opportunities and transformational real estate projects that improve neighborhoods and energize the City's business climate.

Albany 2030

Now, after more than 400-years of history, Albany has defined a true vision for its future by adopting its first Comprehensive Plan known as, Albany 2030. This important document is a framework for the City's future based on extensive research and community input. Creating Albany 2030 was a consensus-building process and an innovative approach to guide local (re)development and (re)investment in a manner that meets the needs of residents, businesses and stakeholders, while maintaining and elevating the City's character, environmental and sustainable quality of life and fiscal well-being.

The Vision of Albany in 2030... Albany in 2030 has built on its history and diverse natural, cultural, institutional, and human resources to become a global model for sustainable revitalization and urban livability. The City promotes a balanced approach to economic opportunity, social equity, and environmental quality that is locally driven, encourages citizen involvement and investment, and benefits all residents.

The City will continue to grow and expand their partnerships, ensuring that New York's Capital City remains a vibrant and thriving place to live, enjoy, and do business… reaching its incredible potential and achieving the future vision set by Albany 2030.