Strategic Planning

Albany 2030 Comprehensive Plan

Planning and Development is charged with the authority and implementation of Albany 2030, the City’s first Comprehensive Plan.  Thanks to our dedicated residents, businesses, and area stakeholders, this Citywide guidance document is a Vision for the City's future, and a reflection of our community values and priorities.  The final plan was adopted on April 2, 2012.  View the Document

ReZone Albany

ReZone Albany was an initiative to update and streamline the City's zoning code and land use regulations. The multi-year effort resulted in a new Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance that better aligns with the City's priorities and promotes sustainable development. View the Document

Historic Preservation Plan

The Historic Preservation Plan builds on the city’s previous preservation successes and advances a new preservation vision for continuing economic growth and adaptive reuse in Downtown Albany, enhancing established neighborhoods, maintaining community character, managing growth, and promoting livability and civic pride, as well as protecting important historic resources and other tangible links to Albany’s past. View the Document

Complete Streets Policy and Design Manual

The City of Albany recognizes the desire and need for active lifestyles and reduced vehicle-dependence. Developing walkable streets that connect districts and stimulate economic opportunity is an important component of the complete streets initiative.  View the Document


Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

The objectives of this Plan include prioritizing walking and biking that benefit most people, and in particular those living in high-sensitivity equity areas, providing access to transit, reducing congestion, and supporting inviting places to walk and bike for recreation. View the Document