Traffic Engineering


Traffic Engineering Division is a civilian division of the Police Department that is responsible for transportation and traffic control devices within the City of Albany.  This division has a total authorized staffing of eleven employees.  

The Chief Supervisor of Traffic Engineering is responsible for the administration and operation of the four sections of this division under the direction of the Police Department’s Commander of Special Operations.

This unit consists of four sections: Administration and Engineering, Traffic Signal Maintenance, Traffic Sign/Pavement Marking installation and maintenance, and Sign and Graphics Fabrication.   

Administration and Engineering section currently includes three employees who are responsible for the traffic control devices, work zone safety, and review of all construction projects within the city.  This crew also administers the Emergency No Parking program, reviews various permit applications, coordinates work with other City departments, and a number of Federal, State, and County agencies outside of the City of Albany.  

Traffic Signal Maintenance consists of two Signal Electricians.  This crew has the maintenance responsibility of approximately 300 intersections controlled by traffic and pedestrian signals as well as over 100 various signalized warning devices at locations within the City.

Traffic Sign/Pavement Markings consists of a foreman and four laborers.  This crew maintains approximately 30,000 traffic signs and over 150 lane miles of pavement markings.  In addition to these responsibilities, this crew also maintains access to all of the public safety buildings by clearing snow and ice in the winter months.

Sign and Graphics Fabrication is staffed by one individual who creates and fabricates all of the traffic signs, vehicle markings for the City’s fleet of vehicles and custom graphics for City buildings, events and functions.  

Other administrative tasks of this unit

  • Review and approval of the following:
    • Sidewalk and barricade permits submitted to the Division of Building and Codes.
    • Right of Way access and Street Opening Permits submitted to the Department of General Services.
    • All new construction sites.
    • Over-sized loads passing through the City of Albany.
    • Coordination of all roadwork projects with the Department of General Services, New York State Department of Transportation, and the New York State Thruway Authority.
  • This unit is also responsible for the safety review of all Albany Parking Authority parking meter installations and coordination of all “bagging” of parking meters for various events, functions, moving, and construction needs.
  • Coordination and implementation of Emergency No Parking for special need parking restrictions.
  • Coordination with CDTA on bus routing and bus stops.
  • Other administrative tasks related to transportation within the City
  1. William E. Trudeau Jr.

    Chief Supervisor of Traffic Engineering