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The Department of Recreation is always looking for energetic and hard-working volunteers and seasonal employees to help out with our programs, community centers, and public events. Interested applicants can submit a volunteer application through CivicRec, or fill out an application below for seasonal job postings. 

Interested in full time employment? Check out the most recent postings on the City of Albany Jobs Site!


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REC Seasonal Jobs

Position Season 2023 Pay Rate
Assistant Aquatics Manager  Summer $20.00-25.00/ Hour
Lifeguard Summer $17.51- $18.00/ Hour
Ranger Summer $17.51/ Hour
Camp Director Summer $18.00-20.00/ Hour
Camp Head Counselor Summer $18.00/ Hour
Head Coach (Various Sports) Summer $18.00-20.00/ Hour
Assistant Coach (Various Sports) Summer $18.00/ Hour
Summer Food Coordinator Summer $17.51/ Hour
Business Operations REC Intern Summer $18.00/ Hour
Summer $18.00/ Hour
Program Instructor Fall/Winter/Spring 17.51 -20.00/ Hour
Program Assistant Seasonal $17.51/ Hour
Field Maintenance Worker Spring/Summer/Fall $17.51-18.00/ Hour
Site Supervisor Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter $17.51-18.00/ Hour
Skating Rink Attendant Summer $17.51/ Hour
Winter $17.51/ Hour

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