What if I don’t own the property for which I am billed the fee?

If you do not own the property, please contact the Assessor’s office at 518-434-5155 or email us, so that the change in ownership status can be addressed. Email is preferred. Once the change is in ownership is verified, the bill can be changed to reflect proper ownership. (When properties in New York State are sold, it can take several weeks for the change in ownership to be applied to the New York State Real Property Database.)

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1. Why is the fee being charged on only residential properties of less than four units?
2. How will it be determined who will have to pay the fee?
3. How do I know if I will be charged the fee?
4. Who will the fee be paid to?
5. How long will I have to pay the fee for?
6. Are there any exemptions to the program?
7. What if my residential unit will only be occupied for part of the year, may the fee be charged on a monthly basis?
8. I think I am entitled to an exemption. How do I make sure I get one?
9. What documents are needed to prove I am entitled to an exemption?
10. What if I don’t own the property for which I am billed the fee?
11. How do I submit my waste collection fee exemption application?
12. How do I find out whether my exemption has been granted?
13. How long does an exemption last after it is granted?
14. What if I disagree with the Department’s decision to deny my exemption?
15. What happens if I do not pay the fee?