What is stormwater?

Stormwater is water from rain or melting snow that doesn’t soak into the ground but runs off into waterways. It flows from rooftops, over paved areas and bare soil, and through sloped lawns while picking up a variety of materials on its way. As it flows, stormwater runoff collects and transports:

  • Animal waste
  • Debris
  • Fertilizers
  • Garbage
  • Oil and grease
  • Pesticides
  • Salt
  • Soil
  • Other potential pollutants

In some areas of the city, this pollutant heavy runoff is discharged untreated directly into our streams and rivers through the separate storm sewer system.

Green Infrastructure

In the City of Albany, green infrastructure systems are being implemented to establish or mimic natural processes in order to slow down and capture stormwater before it has a chance to reach sewers or areas prone to flooding downstream as runoff. Visit our Green Infrastructure page to learn more about Albany’s projects.

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