How do I register for a Residential Occupancy Permit (ROP)?

Obtaining a ROP begins with registering the rental property by completing a Rental Dwelling Registry Form and submitting it to our office along with the applicable fee.  When completing the form, indicate your preferred date and time for the ROP inspection.  You can submit your completed form to us via email or in-person.  If you submit the completed form to us via email, you will receive a call from us for payment via credit card.  You can also mail your form with a check to our office.

Once your registry form is received, your inspection will be scheduled for the date and time you have selected.  If we cannot accommodate your requested date and time we will call you for an alternate date and time.

You will receive a confirmation email of the scheduled inspection date and time (one hour block - the inspector has anytime within the hour to arrive).  Emails will either come from or - please look for this email addresses.  Please do not respond to the as it is an unattended email address.  Any follow up questions should be sent to

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