I applied for a building permit, what happens next and can I start the work now?

Once you apply for a permit, it is assigned an inspector.  The inspector will start the review of your application and if any additional information or further clarification is needed, the inspector will contact you.  This usually takes place one or two business days after your application depending on the amount of applications received.  It is always a good idea to include your email address on your application as this is the best way for the inspector to fully communicate what is required.

You cannot start work until the permit has been approved and issued, starting work before the permit has been issued may subject you to a Stop Work Order.  Again, emailing the issued permit to you is the fast way for you to receive your permit.

Any communication from us regarding your permit application will either come from codes@albanyny.gov or svc.CSSSMTP@tylerhost.net - please look for this email addresses.  Please do not respond to the svc.CSSSMTP@tylerhost.net as it is an unattended email address.  Any follow up questions should be sent to codes@albanyny.gov or directly to the inspector indicated in the email.

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