How do I apply for a job opening or exam with the City of Albany?

The first step to City employment is checking the announcements for job openings and examinations. Announcements are available in the jobs portal, at City Hall Room 301, at all public libraries, and at 125 other locations in the community.

The next step is filling out an application for the job openings or exams you think match your interests and qualifications. Application forms are available at City Hall, Room 301. As you complete the application, make sure that you pay close attention to the minimum qualifications for the job category. Describe the areas of your experience or education that show you meet those requirements. In the application review process, analysts will match the experience and training on your application with the requirements stated on the announcement to determine if you qualify for the exam or job opening.

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1. How do I apply for a job opening or exam with the City of Albany?
2. How do I apply for more than one job or exam?
3. Do all applicants take an exam?
4. How do I find out about the job duties, requirements and type of examination?
5. Can I apply for an exam even if it hasn’t been announced?
6. What happens to applications for job openings and examinations that are submitted after the deadline?
7. What happens if I don’t meet the minimum qualifications for the exam?
8. When are letters admitting candidates to the exams sent out?
9. Must I live within the City limits to apply for a job with the City of Albany?
10. How do I prepare for the exam? What do I study?
11. Do you have a policy for alternate examination dates?
12. What is provisional appointment?
13. What are “Promotional” and “Open-Competitive” exams?
14. What kinds of exams are there?