I’m not applying for funding, how else can I get involved?

The City of Albany is accepting volunteers to serve on Impact Area Review Teams. There will be five teams, one focused on each of the Task Force-identified priority impact areas. The Impact Area Review Teams will review proposals and applications and make recommendations to the Leadership Team on which proposals and applications should be advanced for funding. Participation in an Impact Area Review Team is a valuable way to contribute to this process and make your voice heard. Please note the following minimum expectations for Impact Area Review Team members:

  • All Impact Area Review Team members are volunteers. Compensation is not offered.
  • Members must commit to the necessary time to review proposals and applications in their designated impact area.
  • Members must maintain confidentiality of all proposals and applications reviewed as well as deliberation sessions.
  • Members are prohibited from submitting proposals, serving as a partner on a proposal, or advising on the development of any proposal.

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1. Am I eligible to apply?
2. How much funding is available in this phase?
3. When can I apply?
4. What does the proposal consist of? / How long will it take to complete?
5. If selected to complete a full application, what will that require? / How long will it take to complete?
6. How can I get help with the process?
7. I’m not applying for funding, how else can I get involved?