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Vacant Building Rehab Program

April 19, 2017

The Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA) developed the Vacant Building Rehabilitation Program (VBRP) to create a fund for the rehabilitation of vacant residential properties as part of the City’s vacant and abandoned property initiative. The Program will target properties that are located in neighborhoods with high numbers of vacant and abandoned buildings. Residential properties owned by individuals, Albany County Land Bank and the Albany Community Development Agency will be eligible for funding.  The effects of this program will be immediate and sweeping for the City’s downtown communities and neighborhood plan areas as well as for the residents who live in them. This funding will enable the renovation of significant housing stock, bring distressed City blocks back to life, increase surrounding property values, create local construction jobs, and dramatically enhance local quality of life.

Click here to download VBRP guidelines

Please contact ACDA at 518-434-5265 with any questions.