About Us

About UsWelcome to the Department of General Services section of the City of Albany's website.

As you may know, the Department of General Services provides many quality of life services to residents and visitors alike. We face many challenges in the day to day operations of the department however, we respond to those challenges with professionalism and dedication to help support an "All America City destination."

On this page you will find an overview of department functions, responsibilities and programs. Please use it as a starter guide to finding information in a more efficient way.


The Department of General Services (DGS), was created in October 1995 through the consolidation of the previous:

  • Department of Engineering
  • Department of Parks and Recreation (excluding the recreation programs and play structures)
  • Department of Public Works
  • Division of Special Events and Volunteer Services and Sign Fabrication


The Department's mission is to insure that the City's streetscape, park infrastructure, public facilities and public open spaces are maintained to be functional, safe, clean, attractive and convenient for residents and visitors alike. Functional work areas of DGS are more specifically outlined as follows:

  1. Central Maintenance
  2. Code Enforcement
  3. Engineering
  4. Fleet Maintenance
  5. Forestry
  6. Gardening
  7. Golf Course
  8. Graffiti Removal
  9. Parks
  10. Recycling
  11. Snow & Ice Removal
  12. Solid Waste
  13. Street Cleaning
  14. Small Engines
  15. Concrete
  16. Blacktop
  17. Landfill

Central Maintenance

Responsible for the maintenance, repair and renovation of all City owned buildings and facilities. This includes:

  • City Hall
  • Numerous Fire and Police stations
  • Park buildings
  • Recreational facilities
  • Steven's Farm

Central Maintenance staff consists of plumbers, electricians, carpenters and painters.