Mike Greene

Albany Community Development Agency
Title: Director, Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Program
Phone: 518-434-5265
Best Mike Greene Photo

Mike Greene is in charge of overseeing the $3.5 million federal Lead-based Paint Hazard Reduction Program grant the City received in January 2021. The Lead Hazard Reduction Grant is designed to reduce the risk of lead paint in the interiors and exteriors of homes and apartments in the City where children under 6 live or spend a significant amount of time. Mike, who is NY State Code Certified and an EPA-Certified Risk Assessor, oversees the abatements from beginning to end, with a goal of abating a total of 160 Albany homes over the three-year program. 

“I like driving by the homes we’ve done,” Mike says, “and seeing the impact we’ve had on neighborhoods and the City.” He’s worked for the City for 17 years as a rehab specialist and five years as a code inspector. Outside of work, Mike likes to spend time with his family. 


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