Albany’s neighborhoods play a key role in the City’s quality of life, preservation of historic and cultural resources, and social diversity that makes living here inviting and exciting. The physical character of our neighborhoods is distinguishable by their walkable streets, historic architecture, beautification and eclectic mix of housing options, from historic row houses and bungalows to multi-family colonials that meet the changing faces and lifestyles of residents and new arrivals.

Albany 2030 Comprehensive Plan

Creating and maintaining safe, livable, mixed-use neighborhoods is a significant priority shared amongst the community and a fundamental part of the vision set in the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Albany 2030.

The City works collectively with its residents and partners to strategically plan for development and revitalization efforts that promote sustainable living, multi-modal connections, home ownership and economic opportunities within its neighborhoods, while preserving unique or historical integrity.

You will also find the urban fabric of Albany’s neighborhoods to include quality and accessible amenities such as commercial centers, schools, parks and recreation, health care services, libraries and establishments for activity and entertainment.

Economic Development

Albany is a place to settle, as there is a collective purpose amongst residents and businesses to make living here desirable - a dynamic City for developmental and intellectual needs, economic growth and stability, and social connectivity.