Corey Norfleet

Code Inspectors
Title: Code Enforcement Inspector
Phone: 518-434-5995


Previously, Corey has held a variety of jobs, including courier, construction worker, and maintenance worker. He took the job as a Code Enforcement Inspector because, he says, "I wanted more experience working in the property field." Corey's family has always owned apartment buildings, but Corey never knew what happened behind-the-scenes to keep them safe for all involved. "I didn't know about fire codes and building codes," he says. "It's about safety. That's what I tell people: 'Do what's safe.'

I've lived in Albany my entire life and it's good to do something that makes the city look better too. I like being a helping hand." He also likes absorbing information. "You can't do the job well unless you keep learning." He also enjoys a job that puts him in contact with people day-in and day-out. "We talk to people all day long," he says. "You never know who you're going to meet and that makes it interesting."

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