Meet the ACDA Team

  1. Mick Foley Photo

    Mick Foley

    Director of Community Development

    Since 2001, Michael “Mick” Foley has held a variety of jobs at ACDA, and since 2008, he has served as a supervisor. As Director, Mick oversees a department that funds home rehabs, emergency repairs, as well as making homes lead-safe and accessible too. ACDA also provides Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) that uplift neighborhoods. “I have always appreciated making a difference in the lives of City residents,” Mick says. “And I am fortunate to have a strong team that works well together.” Mick calls himself a “proud lifelong resident of the City of Albany,” and says he is “looking forward to working with the new Neighborhood & Community Services Department under the leadership of Commissioner Andrews.”

  1. Dan Morettoni Best Photo

    Dan Morettoni

    Federal Housing Rehabilitation Program Manager

    Prior to joining ACDA, Dan worked for Con Edison, the utility company for New York City, as a member of their Service Assessment team. Before that, he attended the University at Albany and earned a degree in Urban Studies and Planning.

    Since 2021, Dan has held a few positions at ACDA, including Rehab Specialist II, Risk Assessor, and currently Federal Housing and Rehabilitation Manager.  “I love the Capital District,” Dan says. He also likes how his job allows him to get out and see all parts of Albany. When he’s not working on his brownstone, Dan loves to cook, ride his bike, visit restaurants and play golf and volleyball.

    “I’m also a tortured Jets fan,” says Dan, which has led him to become a bigger hockey fan.

  1. Best Mike Greene Photo

    Mike Greene

    Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Program Director

    Mike Greene is in charge of overseeing the $3.5 million federal Lead-based Paint Hazard Reduction Program grant the City received in January 2021. The Lead Hazard Reduction Grant is designed to reduce the risk of lead paint in the interiors and exteriors of homes and apartments in the City where children under 6 live or spend a significant amount of time. Mike, who is NY State Code Certified and an EPA-Certified Risk Assessor, oversees the abatements from beginning to end, with a goal of abating a total of 160 Albany homes over the three-year program. 

    “I like driving by the homes we’ve done,” Mike says, “and seeing the impact we’ve had on neighborhoods and the City.” He’s worked for the City for 17 years as a rehab specialist and five years as a code inspector. Outside of work, Mike likes to spend time with his family. 

  1. Joe Severino - new photo

    Joe Severino

    Senior Finance Counselor

    Joe assists the community who are applying for any of the various housing programs offered by the Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA). Joe meets with applicants and reviews their eligibility, whether it is to purchase a home, to do necessary home repairs, or to address lead paint abatement. "We see what people's needs are, and how we can assist them," says Joe, who has worked at ACDA since 1995.

  1. John Kisselback

    John Kisselback

    Senior Finance Counselor

    John has worked for Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA) going on 10 years. He currently does the intake for anyone applying for the various ACDA home and property improvement programs, reviewing applications for completeness and income eligibility requirements for the various programs. John also approves loans that come through the ACDA, ensuring that all required documentation is provided by applicants.

    For 13 years he owned his own mortgage company in Albany, and has 37 years experience working in the banking and finance industry.

  1. Amies New Photo

    Amie Jefferson

    Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Program Manager

    Amie Jefferson is the Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program Manager who assists the Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program Director in administrating the Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program. The three-year, $3.5 million grant was awarded to ACDA in January 2021. The Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program is designed to reduce the risk of lead-based paint in the homes and apartments of Albany residents with a child under the age of 6 who lives or spends a significant amount of time in the home. 

    Amie previously worked as the Confidential Administrative Assistant in ACDA. Before that, she worked in the City of Albany's Human Resources Department. Amie has a Bachelor of Science from Sage College, and in her free time she likes to shop, watch movies, and eat out.

  1. Jim Romano

    James Romano

    Property Manager

    Jim oversees the maintenance of Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA)-owned lots and buildings, such as the Albany Boxing Gym and the condos at 135 Elizabeth Street, which are used to house individuals and families, while heir homes are being made safe and lead-free through ACDA's lead abatement program. He also oversees and manages the contractors who are hired to rehab properties for ACDA, making sure that they comply with EEO standards and other government regulations.

    Jim previously worked as a general contractor in the Albany area, and for fun, he loves all things related to sports!

  1. DeGarmo, Louisa

    Louisa DeGarmo

    Risk Assessor

    Louisa is the Lead Paint Risk Assessor, evaluating homes and checking all painted surfaces for lead, determining if ACDA program recipients are in need of lead paint abatement. Prior to joining the City of Albany, Louisa worked for the Rensselaer County Health Department doing lead inspections. “People assume that lead poisoning comes from kids eating paint chips, but that’s a huge misconception, it’s actually the extremely tiny lead dust particles that people can inhale and swallow”, Louisa says. If lead is found during an inspection, Louisa works to develop a plan to abate the lead using federal HUD grants. 

    The long-term effect of her work is to prevent childhood lead poisoning and keep homes safe. Louisa enjoys working with homeowners and tenants and seeing the woodwork and architecture of old Albany homes. Louisa is a fan of the Buffalo Bills, and she likes to spend time outdoors. Louisa loves spending time with her children, and you can often find her at their sporting events, particularly soccer, basketball, and track.

  1. Kevin Montanez Vargas Photo

    Kevin Montanez Vargas


    Kevin Montanez Vargas majored in Accounting at St. Rose College, and after he graduated he joined the City of Albany’s My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper program, where he was introduced to mentors who later recommended him for an opening at ACDA. “I’ve learned so much about accounting and more since I’ve been here,” he says. “I really enjoy coming to work every day and I’m very happy to be part of the ACDA team.” Kevin, from Puerto Rico, is also bi-lingual.

  1. Dan Lyman

    Dan Lyman

    Rehabilitation Specialist II

    Dan has worked as a Rehabilitation Specialist for Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA) for 11 years. He is a New York State Accredited Code Enforcement Officer, overseeing the process for various ACDA rehab programs for City homeowners. "I'm here for you," Dan says.

    Previously, Dan worked as a Code Inspector for the Department of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance and a repairman for the City of Albany Water Department.

  1. John Tarver

    John Tarver

    Rehabilitation Specialist II

    John worked in the Department of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance as a Code Enforcement Inspector for five years before joining ACDA in 2021 as a Rehab Specialist. His job here is a continuation of his previous work he has done throughout the Albany community – working with the Albany City School District, Northern Rivers (formerly Parsons Child and Family Center) and St. Catherine’s Center for Children. “I love being on the go, working in the field, and interacting in the community I grew up in,” John says. “I love giving back to my community.” 

    In his free time, John loves to travel the world – and play with his drone. 

  1. Sherrod Ownens

    Sherrod Owens

    Rehabilitation Specialist II

    Sherrod previously worked in Local Carpenters Union 290 for six years, where he learned a variety of construction skills. He’s taken the knowledge he accumulated there to his Rehab Specialist position with ACDA. “I still get to work with contractors and improve the quality of homes and other buildings,” Sherrod says. “I’m still in the construction trades, in another way, but now the focus is on Albany.”

    He’s fond of the job. “I like the construction trades and I’m not stuck in just one place – I work in the office and in the field as well. The work also gives me the opportunity to help people. I provide individuals and the entire community a service that they value – and I value too.”

  1. Alfonso Lester

    Alphonso Lester

    Rehabilitation Specialist II

    Alphonso joined the department in 2021 after working in the City’s Department of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance. 

    “I like working with the team here,” Alphonso says. “And I like our sole purpose – to renew, restore and rejuvenate Albany one home and one family at a time. That’s extremely rewarding. We’re the boots on the ground for the City, seeing what needs to be fixed and repaired – and when that’s done, it improves lives and the condition of the City of Albany.” Outside of work, Alphonso enjoys softball, karaoke, collecting watches – and always staying physically fit. 

  1. Jordan LaJoy Photo

    Jordan LaJoy

    Rehabilitation Specialist II

    Jordan has been a home inspector in the Capital District for nine years. “Every house is a different story,” Jordan says of her work. “I enjoy meeting new people. And I have a good team at work. I feel like they have my back.” Two of Jordan’s out-of-work passions? Animals and making art. 

  1. Regina Photo

    Regina Jenkins

    Housing Intake Specialist

    Regina has come back to work for the City of Albany after being employed as an Administrative Assistant in the Albany Community Development Agency from 2000 to 2011. Since then, she worked as a Transportation Aide in the Foster Care Unit in the Albany County Department of Children, Youth and Families. “It’s good to be back with the City of Albany,” Regina says.

  1. Terrence Chandler

    Maintenance Assistant

    Terrence’s job is to maintain the City of Albany properties that are overseen by the Department of Housing and Community Development. He is a lifetime Albany resident who has also worked for the City’s Department of General Services and the Department of Recreation. “I work with good people, and that makes all the difference in a job,” Terrence says. 

  1. Kristin Cronin

    Federal Housing Finance Manager

    Kristin has worked for the Department of Housing & Community Development for 23 years. She previously maintained several roles there, including Mortgage Officer and Finance/Compliance Officer. Kristin currently oversees staff to make sure all HUD regulations are being adhered to in housing programs and community development initiatives. In addition, she underwrites all of the Department’s developer loans and prepares environmental reviews. Before she worked at the City, Kristin spent 10 years in the residential and commercial mortgage fields. A lifelong Albany resident, she is dedicated in ensuring that Albany residents are being assisted in the best way possible with HUD funds that the Department oversees. 

  1. Shakiya Wilson

    Senior Contract Specialist

    Before joining ACDA, Shakiya worked at the City School District of Albany as a secretary for the Principal at Albany High School before she being promoted to Office Manager for the School District’s Grants Department. There, she oversaw contracts, board approvals, accounts payable, vendor relations, and payroll matters. “I’m quick with numbers,” Shakiya says. “My best subject in high school – and ever since – has been math.” She enjoys her present position because “I can learn here and the people are easy to work with – I like coming to work in the morning.”