Birth Records

Record Confidentiality

Birth and death records are not public records and their confidentiality is protected by New York State Public Health Law. Vital Records are not subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) and are not subject to public inspection.


Birth records can only be released to the person themselves once they are 18 years old, a parent listed on the birth record, a lawful representative or by court order. Birth records are not public records and New York State Public Health law protects their confidential nature.

Obtaining Copies

A copy of a birth record for a person born in the City of Albany can be requested in person at our office, located in Albany City Hall on the second mezzanine room 254M. A birth record, for those people born in the City of Albany, also can be requested by mail, under the same restrictions for release. There is a request form to complete, and all the information pertaining to the person must be supplied, including the:

  • Full name at birth
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Father's name
  • Mother's name, including maiden name
  • Relationship of the person making the request
  • Purpose for which the record is needed

You must have identification to pick up a copy of your birth certificate or the birth certificate of your children. You must have a certified copy of the court order for children in your custody. Temporary custody papers must be issued within the last six months.

Acknowledgment of Paternity Affidavits

We also process Acknowledgment of Paternity affidavits that can be used to have a father's name added to a child's birth certificate.

Related Fees & Costs

There is a fee of $15 for each certified copy of a birth record or a No Record Certification. All in person requests are subject to a same day service fee of $5. Vital Statistics does not accept personal checks. Please bring cash, a money order or a certified bank check when coming into the office.

Mailed Requests

Birth records cannot be mailed to a P.O. Box or third-party address unless the applicant completes a notarized signed consent, authorizing us to mail the certificate to a P.O. Box.

A money order or a certified bank check for $15 per copy must accompany the request, payable to the City of Albany. If you are requesting a priority handling, you must include a money order or certified bank check for $15.

Processing time for mailed in applications typically takes a week to two weeks unless same day processing is requested. If you request expedited processing your order will be processed within 2 to 3 days. All mail requests must be sent to:
Vital Statistics.
24 Eagle Street
Albany, NY 12207

Order by Telephone

A birth record for people born in the City of Albany can also be ordered over the telephone and charged to a credit card, under the same restrictions regarding the release of records mentioned on this page. There is an additional fee for this service of $6 that is charged by the company VitalChek Network, which supplies us with the equipment and deals directly with the credit card companies.

The request can be made by calling our office at 518-434-5045. Identification must be faxed to our office at 518-434-5975, before we can process the request.

Please note that phone orders will not be accepted between 11 am and 2 pm due to high volume.

Dual Citizenship & Apostille

For more information on Dual Citizenship, visit the NY State (NYS) Department of Health Dual Citizenship and Vital Records website.

For more information on NYS requirements for Apostille, visit the NYS Department of Health Apostille for Vital Records website.