How to Pay Tax Bills

You may view, print and/or pay your tax bill here 

This site may also be used to view or print 2017-2021 tax receipts.  Further instructions are below and on the bill payment site.

All payments will be processed and deposited immediately. Please ensure you have sufficient funds available to avoid any penalties.

New in 2021

Revisions in Waste Collection Fee (WCF) billing

  • WCF bills now appear on your Property Tax Bill as a separate fee of $90 per unit.  This will save taxpayers approximately $75k annually on mailing, printing and processing costs.
  • The City eliminated the $50 late fee per unit for 2020 and all future WCF bills.  Late fees have been reduced to a maximum annual penalty of 14%, or $12.60 per unit (4% in February, and 1% for each additional month beginning in February 2021). 
  • All remaining delinquent 2019 ($140 per unit, including the 2019 late charge), 2020 and 2021 ($90 per unit) WCF bills are also on 2022 property tax bills with additional late charges. 

Exemptions WCF bills were not placed on 2022 tax bills of property owners who were known to be exempt in 2021.  However, if you are billed for a WCF for which you feel you are exempt, email us or call 518-434-5035 to receive an exemption application.

2022 Installment Payments

All taxpayers now have the option to pay property tax bills in two installments.

The first installment must be made on or before January 31 (February 7 for eligible seniors). The second installment can be made at any time during the year, but are billed annually in July. (Installment payment must be paid by check or cash: Installment option is not available for online payment.)

For additional information, please see the back of the tax bill (PDF), visit the Treasurers webpage, or call the office directly at 518-434-5035.

Payment Options

By Mail

Make all checks or money orders payable to: City of Albany.

Mailing Address:
City Treasurer
City of Albany
P.O. Box 1878
Albany, NY 12201

  • Please include bill number, signature and date
  • Include interest and penalties if paying after the due date
  • Send SASE to receive a receipt, or wait until April when the office sends out receipts in bulk.
  • Payment date is based on USPS Postmark (not postage meter mark)
  • DO NOT USE bill payment services to send payments because they generally do not use postmarks on their envelopes

Online Payments

Make online payments (of full payments only; NOT for installment payments), view and/or print tax bills.

  • Credit card payments are only accepted online only, fees apply ($.25 cent fee, plus 1.95% of the total payment)
  • Make a payment directly from your checking account for a $.50 cent fee

Online payments may not be reflected for up to five business days.

Pay In Person

  • City Treasurer's Office
    City Hall
    24 Eagle Street
    Room 110
    Albany, NY 12207
  • Office Hours:
    Monday through Friday
    8:30 am to 5 pm January 27, 28 and 31 until 6 pm.


Senior Citizen Exemptions

Senior Citizen Exemption Only:

  • First Installment payable on or before February 7, 2021
  • Second Installment payable anytime during 2022, but are billed in July (includes 9% interest if paid in July)

Other Exemptions

Contact the City Assessor's Office at 518-434-5155 for information on exemptions.