Albany Pedestrian Experience (DRI) - Clinton Avenue/Livingston Avenue & Columbia Street 

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9/14/23: Milling & First-Course Paving of Clinton Avenue is completed.  Tree removals are in progress. Sidewalk reconstruction and curb replacement are in progress along the northern side of Clinton Avenue.

9/6/2023: Night-work milling & paving on Henry Johnson Boulevard is now scheduled to begin Wednesday, September 6th at 6PM.  1st-course paving is scheduled for Thursday at 6PM.

9/1/2023: Milling & First-Course Paving of Clinton Avenue is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, September 12th and Wednesday, September 13th (weather permitting). Residents are encouraged to take alternate routes, if possible, during milling and paving operations. Tree removals, sidewalk reconstruction, and curb replacement will follow

8/10/2023: The first phase of the project is set to begin on August 28, 2023.

Project Boundaries

Clinton Avenue (from Broadway to North Hawk Street)

Columbia Street (from Broadway to North Pearl Street)

Livingston Avenue (from Broadway to North Pearl Street)

Scope of the Project

The Albany Pedestrian Experience Improvement Project- Clinton Avenue (Phase One) is scheduled to begin at the end of August 2023 and conclude by Early November

Phase 2 of the project will begin in early spring of 2024 and conclude early Summer. The full scope of the project includes:

  • Install new gateway elements (including decorative obelisk light poles) on Clinton Avenue between Broadway and North Pearl Street.

  •  Sidewalk, maintenance strip, curb repair, and replacement along Clinton Avenue, Columbia Street, and Livingston Avenue.

  • Street Milling and repaving and pavement repairs along Clinton Avenue and Columbia Street.

  • Replacement of existing trees along Clinton Avenue.

  • Installation of new lighting fixtures on Columbia Street.

  •  Striping of new bicycle lanes along Clinton Avenue from North Hawk Street to Broadway.

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