Benefits of Green Infrastructure

Water Quantity & Quality

One main goal of green infrastructure in Albany is to capture and absorb or retain stormwater. Water quality is improved when captured stormwater is filtered through a natural system. Also, less stormwater flowing to catch basins and combined sewer pipes translates to lower volumes of stormwater and sewage released into the Hudson River during combined sewer overflows.

Green infrastructure can reduce the impact of stormwater on water quality in the Hudson River and other local water bodies.

Flooding Mitigation

Conventional stormwater infrastructure in Albany works to take water as quickly as possible away from an area, using catch basins and pipe systems and the grade on the land. This leads to concentrated flows and flooding at lower elevations and main line pipes.

Green infrastructure works to soak in and soak up stormwater to alleviate areas prone to flooding by sending less water downstream.

Air Quality

Green infrastructure that uses vegetation, like rain gardens and green roofs, helps to remove pollutants and particulate matter from the air. This is especially important in urban environments.