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Ramsey Place Green InfrastructureRamsey Place Green Infrastructure Project

This project completed stormwater sewer separation on Ramsey Place. Street trees, porous pavement, and underground storage space will work to capture stormwater, slow it down, soak it in and soak it up. The project is expected to provide approximately 150,000 gallons of separated storm sewer storage.

For more details on the Ramsey Place Green Infrastructure Project:

Quail Street Green Infrastructure Project

The project is a demonstration project and collects the first three inches of rainfall in separated storm sewers and porous pavement in the maintenance areas between sidewalks and curbs.

This runoff is directed to bio-retention basins below grade and returned to the combined sewer system once the flow in the sewer subsides.

Ryckman Alley Overflow Abatement & Flood Mitigation Project

Stormwater runoff will now be collected in existing separated storm sewer pipes and conveyed to the new created wetland in Woodlawn Park.

Learn more on the Ryckman Alley Overflow Abatement and Flood Mitigation page.

North Swan Street Green Infrastructure Project

Green InfrastructureThis project completed storm sewer separation, sanitary sewer replacement, street paving and sidewalk replacement in conjunction with the construction of bioswales to slow down and soak up stormwater.

Mariette Place Green Infrastructure Project

Bioswales and separated storm sewer were constructed to eliminate discharge to the combined sewer system.

Elberon Place Flood Mitigation & CSO Abatement Project

New stormwater catch basins and pipe have been installed to convey rainwater separate from the large diameter combined sewer overflow (CSO) pipe under Elberon Place.

Learn more at the Elberon Place CSO Abatement and Flood Mitigation Project page.

Mereline (Delso) Sewer Separation Project

This project will repave a portion of Mereline, Simpson, Albion, Arcadia, and Mapleridge Avenue with porous asphalt and install a separated stormwater sewer. This will redirect runoff out of the combined sewer and into the separated stormwater system.

Current construction will continue through mid-November 2019, with final paving to be completed in Spring 2020.