Residential Occupancy Permit (ROP) Changes

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Changes to ROP Regulations

  • All ROPs require two emergency contacts - primary & secondary
  • Effective 11/01/2021 all Residential Occupancy Permits (ROPs) are good for 24 months.
  • If your Residential Occupancy Permit (ROP) was issued before 11/01/2021 it is good for 30 months.

New Definition

The updated regulations require two emergency contacts - primary and secondary.
  • Emergency Contacts - An individual who resides in Albany County or any adjacent county who shall respond either individually or through an agent to the property at all times on 30 minutes' notice in the event of emergencies and who, if not the owner, has the authority to act on the owner's behalf and access all areas of a rental dwelling in the event of such emergencies.