Backwater Valve Grant

Apply for Backwater Valve Grant Reimbursement to Prevent Sewage Backups

Apply for a $2,000 Backwater Valve Reimbursement

A backwater valve is a device that can prevent sewage backups into your home. The Albany Water Department offers a $2,000 reimbursement for installation of a backwater valve for homeowners who have experienced backups in the past.

To date, the City has approved the reimbursement of 430 backwater valves. Typically, a backwater valve installation costs about $1,500-$3,250. 

Program Requirements

  • Owner-occupied home 
  • Single or two-family property
  • Must provide evidence of past backups that have occurred since 2002. The application must be submitted before work begins on the backwater valve installation.

Program documents: 

Mail the completed grant application and required documentation to:

  • Backwater Valve Grant Application Program
    City of Albany Department of Water & Water Supply
    10 North Enterprise Drive
    Albany, NY 12204

Please make copies of any papers, photos, estimates, scope of work, etc. submitted and retain a copy for your records.

Low-income residents and seniors may also qualify for additional funds to fully cover the cost of the backwater valve installation through the Rehabilitation Assistance Program.