Environmental Impact Statement - Capital City Rescue Mission Expansion Project

NOTICE: The Planning Board is now accepting comments on the draft scope provided by the project applicant. Questions and written comments related to the project can be directed to Bradley Glass, Director at planningboard@albanyny.gov or 518-465-6066 and will be accepted through February 10, 2023. 

A Public Scoping Session on the Capital City Rescue Mission Expansion Project has been scheduled for January 24, 2023 at 6:00PM to discuss and encourage public feedback on the Draft Scope.  The meeting will take place in the Community Room at 200 Henry Johnson Boulevard, Albany, NY 12210.

Project Description

The proposed action involves Development Plan Review and Conditional Use Permit review and approval for the proposed expansion of a group living, other use involving the construction of a four-story building addition at the premises known as 245, 249 & 257 South Pearl Street, 80, 82 & 84 Trinity Place. The site is located in the City of Albany's Mixed-Use, Form-Based South End zoning district.

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Lead Agency Determination

In accordance with the requirements of the State Environmental Quality Review Act found at 6 NYCRR, Part 617, the Planning Board voted at its meeting of June 7, 2022 to classify the project as a Type I Action and to coordinate review of the action pursuant to 6 NYCRR 617.6.  The Planning Board also declared its intent to act as Lead Agency for the coordinated review of this proposal and to distribute notice of such intent to other involved agencies.  The Historic Resources Commission consented to the Planning Board acting as Lead Agency at its meeting on June 30, 2022.  The Planning Board affirmed its position as Lead Agency on August 8, 2022.

Planning Board Lead Agency Determination

Historic Resources Commission Consent to Lead Agency

Planning Board Affirmation of Lead Agency

Determination of Significance

At its August 8, 2022 meeting, the Planning Board determined that the project may result in potential significant
adverse impacts warranting a Positive Declaration and the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement. The Planning Board determined that potential significant adverse environmental impacts include:

Impact on Historic and Archeological Resources.

  • The proposed action may occur wholly or partially within, or substantially contiguous to, any buildings, archaeological site or district which is listed on the National or State Register or Historical Places, or that has been determined by the Commissioner of the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation to be eligible for listing on the State Register of Historic Places.
  • The proposed action may result in the alteration of the property's setting or integrity.
  • The proposed action may result in the introduction of visual elements which are out of character with the site or property, or may alter its setting.

Inconsistency with the existing community/neighborhood character.

  • The proposed action may create a demand for additional community services (e.g. schools, police, and fire).
  • The proposed action may create an incompatibility with surrounding uses

Environmental Assessment Form, Part I

Environmental Assessment Form, Part II

Environmental Assessment Form, Part III

SEQR Determination of Significance

SEQR Positive Declaration


A scoping process will be undertaken by the Planning Board as Lead Agency to develop a written document which outlines the topics and analyses of potential significant adverse environmental impacts that will be addressed in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. A Draft Scope has been provided by the project sponsor and circulated by the Planning Board to all involved and interested agencies and anyone requesting a copy.

The purpose of scoping is to narrow issues and ensure that the draft EIS will be a concise, accurate and complete document that is adequate for public review.  The scoping process is intended to:

  • Ensure public participation in the EIS development process;
  • Allow open discussion of issues of public concern; and
  • Permit inclusion of relevant, substantive public issues in the final written scope.

Draft Scope proposed by the Applicant

Public Scoping Session Notice

Involved and interested agencies and the public may provide oral comments on the draft scope at the January 24, 2023 scoping session or provide written comments on the Draft Scope through close of business on February 10, 2023

Written comments should be addressed to Planning Board Chairperson Albert DeSalvo and may be emailed to planningboard@albanyny.gov, mailed or hand delivered to the Department of Development and Planning at 200 Henry Johnson Boulevard, Albany, NY 12210.

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

The draft EIS is the primary source of environmental information to help involved agencies consider environmental concerns in making decisions about a proposed action.  The draft also provides a basis for public review of, and comment on, an action’s potential environmental effects as identified in the final scope.  The draft EIS accomplishes those goals by examining the nature and extent of identified potential environmental impacts of an action, as well as steps that could be taken to avoid or minimize adverse impacts.  Upon adoption of the Final Scope by the Planning Board, the applicant will be required to prepare the DEIS for review by the Board.