Examining Board of Plumbers


The Examining Board of Plumbers meets once a month at 200 Henry Johnson Blvd. 


As set forth in the City of Albany Code, Board members are appointed by the Mayor to three-year terms, and must be City residents. Members include the Director of the Division of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance, two employing or master plumbers, one journeyman plumber, the Chief Inspector of Plumbing for the City of Albany, and the engineer in charge of City sewers.

Rick LaJoy - Director, City of Albany Department of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance
Anthony Mustari (12/31/19)
William Simcoe - Senior Plumbing Inspector, City of Albany Water Department (12/31/19)
Alan Grossman (12/31/19)
Alonzo Ford (12/31/19)


The purpose of the Examining Board of Plumbers is to investigate and examine the qualifications and fitness of each applicant for a license to engage in the trade, business or calling of plumbing for the City of Albany. The Board formulates, in conjunction with the local Board of Health, a code of rules regulating the work of plumbing and drainage in the City of Albany. The Board also issues apprentice training and journeyman identification cards.

List of Class A Plumbers


City of Albany General Code Chapter 261 Sections 261-1 to 261-20

Contact Examining Board of Plumbers

Ed Foley
Division of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance
City of Albany
200 Henry Johnson Blvd.
Suite #1
Albany, NY 12210
Phone: (518) 434-5165