Albany Community Police Advisory Committee

ACPAC History

In the fall of 2009 the Albany Police Department administrative staff recognized the need for a philosophical change inACPAC logo the department fulfilling its mission to serve the citizens of Albany. With the combined perceptions of an unsafe city, and disconnect between citizens and the police, it was determined that the APD and City alike would be better served by instituting a community based policing philosophy.

The APD sought assistance from the Common Council in appointing members to a Community Policing Advisory Committee (Committee) to ensure that all 15 wards of the City were equally represented. Each Common Council Member supplied names of appointees to sit on this Committee. The Committee was charged with reviewing and addressing items that would potentially reinvigorate the relationship between the residents of our community and the APD. 

The APD recognizes the importance of individual dignity, mutual respect, trust, community safety, and quality of life as components of positive citizenry and police interactions. Encouraging citizen and APD participation in committee activities, provides a forum for discussion of community healing and community building. The committee also strives to promote partnerships between community organizations, businesses, and the APD. These partnerships serve as a catalyst for organizational changes within the APD and supporting the community policing model of law enforcement in the City of Albany.


2022 Meetings

  • ACPAC meetings are open to the public; all are welcome. 
  • Meetings are held virtually from 6-8:30pm on the third Tuesday of each month. 
  • Meetings are livestreamed on the ACPAC Facebook Page

Upcoming Events

Please check-in regularly for information regarding upcoming events and informational sessions. 

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ACPAC Mission

The ACPAC is committed to improving the relationship between the residents of the City of Albany and the Albany Police Department by ensuring the philosophy of Community Policing is the basis of all policy and procedure of the APD. The committee will facilitate communication between the community, APD and the Common Council.


  • Support the Community Policing Model of Law Enforcement within the APD. 
  • Educate the public about the Community Policing Model, how it effects policy and procedure within the APD and citizen participation in community policing.
  • Provide a forum for discussions of any issues or topics that relate to practices or procedures of the APD or its members. 
  • Ensure the Common Council and appointing authorities are informed about the concerns of the community about APD policy, procedures and public safety issues.

ACPAC Membership

The ACPAC consists of 25 members:

  • One member appointed by the Mayor
  • One member appointed by each member of the Albany Common Council
  • One member appointed by the President of the Albany Common Council
  • Four At-Large members
  • The Chief of the Albany Police Department and three additional members of the APD appointed by the Chief. 
ACPAC Representative
1st - Hon. Sonya Frederick
Jennifer GuyEmail Ward 1
2nd - Hon. Derek Johnson
Danielle HilleEmail Ward 2
3rd - Hon. Joyce Love
Brian McCullough
Email Ward 3
4th - Hon. Kelly Kimbrough
Email Ward 4
5th - Hon. Jamel Robinson
VacantEmail Ward 5
6th - Hon. Gabriella Romero
Email Ward 6
7th - Hon. Sergio Adams
Email Ward 7
8th - Hon. Jack Flynn
Craig Waltz Jr.Email Ward 8
9th - Hon. Meghan Keegan
Amy WhitmanEmail Ward 9
10th - Hon. Owusu Anane
Rachele Patterson, Vice ChairEmail Ward 10
11th - Hon. Alfredo Balarin
Barry Walton, ChairEmail Ward 11
12th - Hon. E. Hyde Clarke
Lynn AronowitzEmail Ward 12
13th - Hon. Ginnie Farrell
VacantEmail Ward 13
14th - Hon. Deborah Zamer
Marsha PenroseEmail Ward 14
15th - Hon. Tom Hoey
Tyler BellickEmail Ward 15
Member at LargeCarol June-Washington
Email at Large1
Member at LargeVacantEmail at Large 2
Member at LargeVacantEmail at Large 3
Member at LargeVacantEmail at Large4
Mayor's AppointeeTandra LagroneEmail Mayor Rep
Common Council President's AppointeeVacant
Email Common Council Rep
Albany Police Department RepresentativeChief Eric HawkinsEmail APD 1
Albany Police Department RepresentativeLieutenant Daniel Johnsen
Email APD 2
Albany Police Department RepresentativeSergeant Benjamin Peterson
Email APD 3
Albany Police Department RepresentativeOfficer Steven Smith
Email APD 4

If you would like to contact your ward’s ACPAC representative but are unsure of which ward you reside in, please click here. For general questions related to ACPAC please email


ACPAC is actively looking to fill the following vacancies. If you are interested in becoming a member of ACPAC please email the Membership Chair, Marsha Penrose

Current vacancies

  • Ward 3 Representative
  • Ward 5 Representative
  • Ward 13 Representative 
  • At Large Members 

If you are unsure of which ward you reside in, please click here

ACPAC Bylaws